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Andy's Automotive Repair MN history

How it started

In late 2011 Andy's Automotive was born from a guy with a dream of owning his own shop and $200 in his pocket. He had a wife, baby, and a toddler at home and worked relentlessly over the years to not only grow his name but the reputation of the shop around his hometown. He was known for the best quality repairs and being the most honest guy around. The more years he wrenched alongside the other techs in the back and the more familiar he became with every single make/model of vehicles around the north metro, the more he was drawn to light duty diesel trucks. For the last few years Andy's Auto became known not only for his "wizardry" when it comes to electrical diagnostics but for his ability to completely teardown, fix, and re-assemble any truck engine, transmission, differential or transfer case that came his way. As time went on, no matter how many other certified techs we employed we simply couldn't keep up trying to be an "all makes all models" shop any longer while doing what we love- trucks. There isn't enough time and space to do it all so it was time to chase our passion full time and do what we are the best at. We are forever grateful for those loyal customers we had for a decade and will miss the familiar faces from around the Forest Lake Area.

North Country Truck & Driveline About Page

how it's going

That's how the shop evolved into what it's become today- a truck driveline shop that people seek out from all over the midwest to get their trucks repaired or rebuilt by. Other shops send us the stuff that they cannot rebuild (only replace) or that they cannot figure out (electrical issues) and dealerships seek us out to repair the trucks that driveline components are backordered for months for as they have no one there to remanufacture them in-house. We do a lot of wholesale work in addition to retail work. We are a Goerend transmission parts builder and installer, we have machinists we work closely with for engine work, we build modified stock and performance 68rfe cummins transmissions in-house enough to have a couple on the shelf ready to go most of the time. We have a long list of quality vendors and friends in the truck game all over the country. Powerstroke, Cummins, and Duramax platforms are our primary focus but we do occasionally repair half ton GM, Dodge, and Ford v8 platforms as well.

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