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Head Gaskets & Studs

LML Duramax years 2011-2016
-Removal of cab teardown inspection and reassembly
-2 OEM head gaskets
-Gator cylinder head studs (add $300 for ARP)
-2 OEM thermostats
-Resurfaced and pressure tested cylinder heads, *valve job/guide repair additional cost if needed
-Full synthetic oil and filter
-New engine coolant (5) gallons
-New lower radiator hose O-ring
-Coolant crossover seals/O-ring
(Coolant overflow tank and water pump extra)



We also are very familiar with the LB7, LLY, LBZ, LMM and L5P trucks as well.

Transmission & Torque Converter

Eco-Friendly Design

Allison 1000 6 speeds


Goerend kit listed below

*Clutch plate pack brand and quantity may change based on availability.

goerend allison kit.jpg

Fuel Systems & Other Upgrades

We have multiple options for high pressure fuel system repair on the duramax platform. Including Fass fuel pumps, CP3 conversions, and fuel injectors. 


FASS Diagram.png
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