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It's no secret that the Ram platform of diesel trucks has a transmission with a couple weak spots straight from the factory that we've mastered the remedy for with our North Country Truck 68rfe Transmission Builds, but did you know they also are capable of so much power?


We know this platform of diesel trucks inside and out and haven't ran into any problem or concern with them we can't fix or upgrade to make them incredibly reliable. Not to mention, our shops' sled pull truck happens to be a Cummins as well as our shop owner's daily driver and our shop hauling rig. 

We have an entire page dedicated to our transmission builds, so lets get into pricing of the other most common fail point below. 

Ram Cummins

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Cylinder Head Gasket Replacement


- Machining of your Cylinder Head

- O-ringing of your Cylinder Head

- Top End Gasket Kit (Mahle or equivalent) 

- Gator Head Studs (Add $800 for ARP 625's)

- Engine Oil and Filter

- Engine Coolant

- Fuel Filters (FASS or OEM)

**ADD $1500 Core if cylinder head is cracked or otherwise not repairable. 

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