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While we definitely service and stock parts for the 6.7 Powerstroke diesel truck platform the most here, we are also familiar with the Ford 6.0 & 6.4 Super Duty Trucks as well as the 7.3 diesel trucks.

Fuel system and Emissions system failures are most common and occasionally they lead to internal engine component failures and what better place to bring it than somewhere that specializes in cab off overhauls. Not only is it incredibly convenient that our machine shop is located within our facility enabling us to offer faster turnaround times but also the ability to rebuild and repair your engines without needing to order an entire new long block from the dealer or an aftermarket component made overseas with questionable structural integrity and poor quality. We can keep your personal truck or commercial fleet on the road and provide the best options for repairs with the highest quality parts when replacements are necessary.



6.7 Powerstroke


Engine Re-Seal

Removal of engine, teardown and replacement of all gaskets. 

Starts at $6,000 (Plus Tax)


- Resurfaced Cylinder Heads

- Full OEM Engine Gasket Kit 

- Stock Head Bolts 

- Coolant

- Oil and Oil Filter

Add Ons:

- Camshaft $300

- OEM Motorcraft Turbocharger $2,300

- Lifters w/Trays $400

- Bottom End Overhaul (Bearings, Rods, Main, & Pistons Overbored if needed) $3,000


Fuel System 

2011 - 2019                   $5,000

2020 - Current               $6,000


Motorcraft Fuel Injectors, Injection Pump, Lines and Filters

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